The island consists of 12 villages that preserve intensively the traditional style of the island. In the South East of PIGADIA (Karpathos), capital of the island and main port of the island is situated. The capital is surrounded by the villages of Menetes, Arkasa, Pyles, OTHOS , Volada, Aperi . In the North of the island is situated Mesochori, Spoa and Olympos the northern village of the island, of great folkloric and architectural interest.

|| Diafani Village
olympos Village
Location: It is located on the northern side of the island, 67 km north of Pigadia and about 10 km east of the beautiful Olympos village.
Description: The village of Diafani and its port are located on the east coast of Karpathos and were built in the middle of the 15th century. Diafani is characterized by its beautiful and in pastel colors painted houses, taverns and small Cafeterias.

|| Olympos Village
olympos Village
Location: 58 km north west of Pigadia on the east coast of Karpathos
Description: Olympos is an impressive traditional village situated in the North of Karpathos, far away from the everyday noise of human goings-on, and built upon a steep hillside. It is as if time has stopped and one can observe and see the simple things that life brings with it, lead by respect and gratefulness.

|| Spoa Village
Spoa Village
Location: 38 km north east of Pigadia on the west coast of Karpathos
Description: A village that keeps alive its customs and traditions, a village that revives and keeps inalterably the meaning of hospitality and friendship. Spoa, can watch the two better moments of the Karpathian seas: The Sunset and the Sunrise.

|| Mesochori Village
Mesochori Village
Location: 31 km north west of Pigadia on the east coast of Karpathos
Description: The village of Mesochori is defined by its unique Karpathian houses and the houses’ wooden interior. Mesochori has its own vineyards – the village is even famous for its own grapes!

|| Menetes Village
Menetes Village
Location: 8 km south west of Pigadia on the center of Karpathos
Description: Menetes is a scenic and historic village, built amphitheatrically on the slopes of a hill at 350 meters above sea-level. Menetes is one of the largest villages of Karpathos Island with an amazing view over the sea and the scenic Karpathian landscape.

|| Arkasa Village
Arkasa Village
Location: 17 km north west of Pigadia on the west coast of Karpathos.
Description: Arkasa picturesque village of the same name with the ancient town, is one of the developing tourist centers of Karpathos. A church, a small museum, but also numerous, taverns, cafeterias, and mini markets can be lives a modern life together with very old memories.

|| Pyles Village
Pyles Village
Location: 24 km west of Pigadia on the east coast of Karpathos
Description: Pyles the smaller, demographically, village is situated under the highest mountain on this island Kali Limni. Pyles is characterized by its houses that are surrounded by beautiful, flower filled gardens and its panoramic view to the neighboring island of Kasos.

|| Othos Village
Othos Village
Location: 12 km north west of Pigadia in central Karpathos
Description: Othos is the highest village on Karpathos island(510m).It is grand to look out over the panorama of the Easter coast of the of the island the surrounding mountains and the island’s nature. The village’s houses are a perfect reflection of the typical Karpathian architecture.

|| Volada Village
Volada Village
Location: Located 10 km north west in central Karpathos
Description: Vollada is located at 440 m and offers a wonderful view of Pigadia and the southern section of Karpathos Island. Its typical Karpathian houses are highlighted against the rocky mountain slope, that are alternated with newly built villas, adorn Volada.

|| Aperi Village
Aperi Village
Location: 8 km north west of Pigadia on the east coast of Karpathos
Description: Aperi is a mountain village located at a height of 320 meters . The village houses are built on the hillside with a nice view of the harbor and the surrounding mountains. It was the old capital on the island is still the seat of the archbishop.

|| Pigadia Town
Pigadia Town
Location: Located in the east side of the Karpathos Island
Description: A name derived from the many wells, the modern town of Pigadia, is a relative new town with about 2500 inhabitants. It is also known the capital and port of the island, Many small shops, restaurants, taverns and cafes are situated around the harbor.

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