Karpathos Island Information

Karpathos Island is one the most unique Greek islands due it’s superb landscape. Rugged and high mountains that decent in steep cliffs to lacy coast lines of dazzling white sand and pine trees from the slopes descend to the sea and beaches stretching in unlikely places. What makes Karpathos more special is its well kept customs and traditions along with settlements that have traditional architecture. All together make a harmonious entity for unforgettable holidays.

Karpathos Geography

Together with the smaller island of Kasos, Karpathos is the southernmost island in the Dodecanese Islands. It is situated between Crete and Rhodes and is the second largest island in the group, with an area of 301 square km. The length of its coastline is 160 Km and it is 49km long with a miximum width of 11km and a minimum of just 3.3 km. Its hightest mountain is Kali Limni, which rises to an altitude of 1215m. Other Peaks are Profitits Ilias with 718 m near Olympos village.

Karpathos Population

The latest estimate of the island's permanent population is around 6500 people. Although their many people that live abroad (USA, Canada, Australia) and return to the island for their vacation every summer. The last years many people mostly from European countries have bought their own settlements and reside on the Island. In the summer months many tourist all over the world visit Karpathos and along with locals the number of people double or triples.

Karpathos Villages

The island consists of 12 villages that preserve intensively the traditional style of the island. In the South East of PIGADIA (Karpathos), capital of the island and main port of the island is situated. The capital is surrounded by the villages of Menetes, Arkasa, Pyles, OTHOS , Volada, Aperi . In the North of the island is situated Mesochori, Spoa and Olympos the northern village of the island, of great folkloric and architectural interest.

Karpathos Beaches

The beaches of Karpathos island are meeting all tastes and is something travelers cannot find around Greece. virgin beaches with crystal clear waters, with sand or tiny pebbles, which have remained untouched by human activity.

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